I am Marika, a ceramist and artist based in Northampton

I am a ceramic artist who creates colourful quirky birds and unique pieces with stoneware clay. Growing up in South Africa embedded within me a fascination for dried and fresh flowers, birds and toadstools. My pieces are also impressed with native Fine Bush foliage and delicate lace that was handed down from my florist mum.

My work is mysteriously filled with symbolism and aims to bring a message of pure joy and encouragement. 


Having experienced deep sadness and loss has taught me to love life and I have a hunger to bless and inspire others with my joyful work. 

Each toadstool and bird has its own quirky characteristics and is intricately constructed and hand painted with multi-layers of oxides and underglazes.

Most hours in my studio are spent adding interesting details, delicate mark-making and textures, to my precious birds. I often contrast glossy glaze with matt applications. Each bird is further embellished with a beaded necklace symbolizing “togetherness with loved ones”. 

I truly hope all of this has been achieved when you view and experience my work.

You can find my work here (Stockists)